‘INTO THE LIGHT’ is a tribute to this inner journey and travellers of the same seeking to integrate higher frequencies of consciousness into their lives.  Set against the backdrop of a union between Vedic and Sufi traditions bound naturally by the purity of the all embracing, unifying philosophies each embodies, Eshani Lasya (Portugal) and Smirna Kulenovic (Bosnia) are the authors, performers and choreographers of this inter-disciplinary performance using parallels between the classical Indian dance of Bharatnatyam and Odissi, and the mystical Mevlevi Sufi practice, also touching the ritualistic dance popular in certain regions of India. A groundbreaking perspective of two undeniably devotional practices aiming to lead to trance-like states through the performing arts.

Joining them onstage are the Indian-German and Surinamese-Dutch musicians T.L. Mazumdar and Ishtar Bakhtali respectively, who come together to provide the aural backdrop to this eclectic experience. Duarte Baltazar (Utopian Focus) has created the video projections, giving the performance the intemporal dimension that it needed. 

A powerful and intense performance, as profound as explosive, coloured by the soundtrack of cutting edge experimental ethnic music merged with the spoken word of poems and rhythmic solfeges from Persian and Indian idioms. 


Dance & Choreography : Eshani Lasya | Smirna Kulenovic

Musical Composition | Music |  Voice | Effects : Ishtar Bakhtali

Music |  Voice | Effects : T.L. Mazumdar

Video projections : Duarte Baltazar

Light Design : Smirna Kulenovic

Outfits & Props : Eshani Lasya 


Organized in partnership by EKA [ unity ] and Prof. Shiv Kumar Singh, director of the Centre of Indian Studies of Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, this conference will happen on that University in April 2019.

It is the first official presentation of a research involving scholars and researchers from different areas - such as History, Literature, Philosophy, Anthropology, Music and Dance - besides the research done by the authors themselves.

Literature is a good starting point, as texts from Rumi, Ibn Arabi, Khalil Gibran, the Upanishads and others are strongly present on the performance. However, the Conference is meant to be wide and varied, hosting different panels of speakers and promoting a debate about  the common roots of Sanatana Dharma (from India) and philosophies such as Zoroastrianism and Sufism.

Other lectures will happen in different places.

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa | Anfiteatro III

10h00 - 10h15 ABERTURA | OPENING

Um diálogo intercultural | An intercultural dialogue

Prof. Shiv Kumar Singh, Director Centro de Estudos Indianos da FLUL (PT)
Prof. Miguel Tamen, Director Faculdade Letras (PT)
Mrs. K Nandini Singla, Embaixadora da Índia em Portugal | Ambassador of India in Portugal (ENG)

Dr. Pedro Calado, Alto-Comissário para as Migrações | High Commissioner for Migrations (PT)​

10h15 - 11h30 PAINEL | PANEL 1

A Literatura Devocional nas Tradições Indiana e Sufi |Devotional Literature in Indian and Sufi Traditions

Moderador | Moderator: Prof. António Barrento

(10h15 - 10h40) Prof. Shiv Kumar Singh, Dir. Centro de Estudos Indianos, Prof. Fac. Letras (PT): A Literatura Folclórica Devocional na Índia | The Folk Devotional Literature in India

(10h40 - 11h05) Prof. Fabrizio Boscaglia, Docente e Investigador na área da Ciência das Religiões na Univ. Lusófona e Centro de Filosofia da Univ. de Lisboa | Teacher and Researcher in the area of Science of Religions at Univ. Lusófona and at Centre of Philosophy from Univ. of Lisbon (PT): A Via do Coração na Poesia Sufi | The Path of the Heart in Sufi Poetry

(11h05 - 11h30) Prof. Sepideh Radfar, Centro de Iranologia - FLUL | Prof. FLUL : A Poesia e a Alma Mística Persa | The Poetry and the Mystical Persian Soul

11h30 - 11h45 PAUSA | COFFEE BREAK

11h45 - 13h20 PAINEL | PANEL 2

Ligações Culturais entre as civilizações Indiana e Persa| 

Cultural connections between Indian and Persian civilizations 

Moderador | Moderator: Prof. António Dias Farinha

(11h45 - 12h10) Floriana Asperti, Doutoranda em Etnomusicologia na FCSH | Phd Student in Ethnomusicology at FCSH (ENG): A música sagrada Sikh como experiência sonora - o poder da poesia e da música para atingir a conexão divina | Sikh sacred music as a sonic experience - the power of poetry and music in the achievement of divine connection 

(12h10 - 12h35) Paula Barreto Amado, Doutoranda em Antropologia no ISCTE | Phd Student in Anthropology at ISCTE (PT): Os 'afectos' rituais do corpo que dança e sua relação com os estados liminares de consciência | Ritual 'affections' of the dancing body and its relation with liminal states of conscience

(12h35 - 13h00) Cristina Pereira Leite, Pres. do Instituto das Ciências do Som | Pres. of the Sound Science Institute (PT): A Música como ponte para a performance intercultural | Music as a bridge of intercultural performance

(13h00 - 13h20) Mostapha Anwar, Músico especialista em Música Clássica Indiana e Persa | Musician specialized in Indian Classical and Persian Music (ENG): A Música como um veículo para a Paz | Music as a vehicle to reach Ultimate Peace

13h20 - 14h30 PAUSA | LUNCH BREAK

14h30 - 15h30 PAINEL | PANEL 3

A Arte como missão | Art as a mission

Moderadora | Moderator: Prof. Elisabetta Colla

(14h30 - 14h50) Smirna Kulenovic, Artista Visual e Performer | Visual Artist & Performer (ENG) : O artista como agente de transformação; a tradição Sufi | The artist as an agent of transformation; the Sufi tradition

(14h50 - 15h10) Eshani Lasya, Dir. EKA [ dance company ] (PT) : Arte e danças devocionais na tradição de ‘sanatana dharma’ |Art and devotional dances in the tradition of ‘sanatana dharma’

(15h10 - 15h30) Ishtar Bakhtali, Compositora e Cantora | Composer & Singer (ENG) : Naada yoga, o aspecto meditativo da música | Naada yoga, the meditative aspect of music

15h30 - 15h45 PAUSA | COFFEE BREAK

15h45 - 16h30 DEBATE

Temas sugeridos | Suggested topics

Moderador | Moderator: Prof. Shiv Kumar Singh

A importância da Arte na desmistificação de preconceitos culturais | The role of Art to demystify cultural bias.

A Filosofia latente nas práticas diárias de diversas culturas | The philosophy lying behind daily practices of different cultures.

Barreiras culturais entre as comunidades e como ultrapassá-las | Cultural obstacles and how to overcome them.


13APR 2019

Museu do Oriente

Lisboa, Portugal

4APR 2019

Faculdade de Letras 

Lisboa, Portugal

7APR 2019


Lisboa, Portugal

14APR 2019


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20APR 2019


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