Art and Spirituality are two universal languages that can touch the Soul. Thus, we have created a performance that includes Dance, Music, Visual Arts and technological devices, intending to cross geographical and ideological boundaries. 

‘INTO THE LIGHT’ is a project that intends to bring awareness of the philosophical similarities between Vedic and Sufi Cultures. Those similarities can be found in terms of the spiritual pursuit itself, but also in tangible aspects such as the dance, the music and the aesthetics. Our intention is promoting a reflexion about the ultimate reality that is common to all human beings (and other forms of life), presenting Art as the promoter of intercultural dialogue. 

Produced by EKA [ dance company ], the project reflects all the ideals of this company. It is a necessary work on the artistic and social panorama, creating bridges between different disciplines - such as Geometry, History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Literature - but also between cultures. Above all, it is a metaphysical exploration with a relevant artistic value. 



Both Sufi and Vedic traditions share a philosophy of detachment from the material world to shift focus on a complete rendition of the energies towards a Universal Love instead. 

Vedic culture, also associated with Sanatana Dharma, whose origins trace back to India several millennia ago has survived the tests of time and is looked upon as a code of conduct with the eternal nature of the Soul as a fundamental premise. It’s laws and precepts were conceived for the creation of a society in constant evolution on all levels. 

Sufi tradition, cultivated by the Dervishes, propagates the constant demand for union with the Divine. Although frequently thought of as merely a dance,  the practices are essentially gateways into trance-like states, comparable to the yogic meditations and Nritya, the classical Indian dances whose ultimate purpose is also to connect with the Sublime. Wherein art is a vehicle for the same. Both seek Unity, Non Duality, and a profound spiritual awareness. Merging into the light. The light Sanskrit calls ‘Jyoti’ and Farsi, ‘Nur’.

Although Sufism is nowadays considered a branch of Islam, it is actually a pre-islamic practice with roots on Zoroastrian philosophy, existing in Persia more than 1200 years before Muslim conquest. Many historians and archeologists point out a close relation between both cultures, once called the Indus Valley civilization that eventually separated geographically into two different groups.

At a time where intercultural dialogue is imperative for the progress and development of healthy societies, this endeavour is a lot more than just a dance performance. It is a blend of historical and anthropological research, geometry and visual and performing arts to demonstrate the universality and timelessness of their concepts in a manner compellingly relevant to the human race today.

Archeological and Historical connections

The Indus Valley Civilization

Dance as a trance-inducing ritual

Garbha and Sufi Whirling

Similar languages and scriptures

Sanskrit and Avestan | Vedas and Avesta

The devotional mystic poetry

Rumi and Mirabai

The importance of Sacred Geometry

Yantras and Mandalas

Individual relation with the Divine

Merging into the light

The Documentary : Common Origins

The Workshops : wishing to share

Understanding the performance was not enough to talk about everything we were finding, we decided to record the different parts of the project’s development in video, photography and audio. From the creative process to the rehearsals, the meetings with different institutions, building the outfits, testing technical devices, interviews with the artists and researchers, parts of the conference, performance and workshops - everything will be part of this documentary. To be released in 2019.

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